Friday, December 16, 2011

Sexting And What It Is

Most cell phones come with all sorts of gadgets any more and cameras are becoming standard equipment on them. For some reason  this is creating a new phenomenon among teens and well adults too it's called sexting.
Sexting is where one person sends another a sexually explicit picture of themselves via their cell phones. This is primarily happening in Australia, Canada, the U.K and the USA. Per a 2008 Cosmo Girl survey 20% of teens (13-20) and 33% of young adults (20-26) had sent nude or semi-nude photographs of themselves electronically. Additionally, 39% of teens and 59% of young adults had sent sexually explicit text messages

What most people don't know is that this is considered pornography and they can get into some serious trouble. There have been cases where teens have distributed pictures of themselves or of pictures sent to them and then been charged with distribution of pornography and the receivers with procession. Not only that but if the person is under a certain age it is considered child pornography! While reading on this a little more I discovered that there have been school administrators charged with possession because they were investigating incidents where pictures were sent of their students, that's crazy bad because if found guilty they would then be considered child pornography sex offenders and would not be able to work around children.

There are noted cases where kids where charged around the globe and some lawmakers are working at lessening the penalties if consenting minors are participating in this activity. The laws that govern child pornography makes this phenomenon one that you should talk to your kids about.While CBS says it is not that big of an issue and only 1% do it, I say it is 1% too many. Never say your kids would not do something, as a seasoned mom of two great kids I know that they are liable to do just about anything. It blows my mind, because kids do some pretty stupid things sometimes. My personal opinion is that sexting is not fun and games, children that participate in this activity have very low self esteem to sell themselves this short.

While reading up on this issue I discovered lots on it including videos on youtube
of parents in agony because their children were taken away because of sexting, know about it, read about it and talk about it.

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