Friday, December 16, 2011

Date Night

Put Dinner and a Movie in your loves Stocking this Christmas
It is a nice gift that you both can  enjoy.

Plus it makes a nice romantic date night.Froobi is offering a dinner and movie package for $25.00+0 S&H! They say it is a 50% discount but they are not factoring in those tickets so it is more like a $70 to $80.00 package for $ 25.00. 

Fandango & Restaurant.Com- "Date Night"
Limit 2 per customer

Escape for a night out with your sweetheart with this dinner and a movie combo brought to you by Digital Doorstep. Purchase this exclusive experience for ONLY $25 and get 2 Fandango movie tickets and a FREE $50 Gift Card in return. Finally, a great reason to rekindle a little romance between you and the love in your life!
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List Price: $50
Froobi Price: $25
You Save: 50%

And don't forget you get Swagbucks with this!