Thursday, December 1, 2011

Preditor or Play?

6 Year Old Charged With a Felony For Playing Doctor?

A 6 year old boy caught playing doctor with a 5 year old girl is being charged with a felony as a sexual predator in Wisconsin. The girls mother caught the children which included her daughter, her son and the 6 year old boy playing doctor. The girl had her skirt and panties around her ankle and they were playing butt doctor. The woman's son who was also playing the game is not being charged. The girl said that she was touched on the outside only but the mother is claiming she saw penetration.

Okay, Now here is more of the story. The girls father is a local politician and the boys parents have filed a lawsuit against the social worker (the girls Aunt), The Grant County District Attorney and a former sheriff investigator. They want 12 million because they say that because of the girls fathers standing in the community they did not fairly investigate this case and they ruined the boys life, who now has disabilities and Stress Disorder due to this case.

Now I am not an expert on these things, however I am strongly opinionated about these types of charges.
A felony for something like this on a 6 year old is overkill, this boy will be labeled for life as a sexual predator and that will follow him around for the rest of his life. Also, why isn't the other boy being charged as well? I'll tell you why, the Aunt  is the social worker involved and the dad is a local politician.Understandably the mom is outraged and wants revenge.

However, what happens in these cases is the families all fall apart, there are no real winners. No one wants to see their child being manipulated in a harmful way on either side, the perpetrators family gets hit the hardest, the entire family gets a big black listed label on them. You might as well put a big scarlet S on their foreheads because the whispers and the innuendos in the community does it anyway. This is because over zealous social workers get in their steam rollers and whack it to the family of the perpetrator,and this one was the Aunt who is totally vested in protecting her nephew and niece while exacting the revenge the girls family wants. Many times the states take the child away and stick them in group homes filled with sexual predators and the parents lose total custody until the child is at  the age of maturity. Not only that but they go through the home with a microscope looking for reasons why they were playing doctor in the first place. They look at the parents, grandparents as well as other extended family members because in their minds the boy was doing this because it was done to him. No one is above suspicion in their educated minds. They rip and shred until there is nothing left in the family and then they are happy that they did a great job in protecting the world from another predator.

I am a business major with a psychology minor behind me and I am telling you that there is a better way to handle these things then charging a 6 year old with a felony charge. Although I don't know all the fine details of this particular case and I do know there are deviant children out there. In my personal experiences I can tell you that most kids will be curious and at one time or other will play doctor to some degree. In this case if one boy is charged they both should be charged they were both playing the game.By law the mom had to report this activity and if she did not and these boys repeated these activities with other girls the mother could be charged with complicity to a felony. Still, there is a better way to handle it and it all lays with the D.A. and that social worker and they know it. There are specialized groups of psychologist trained to work with children that are victims as well as perpetrators to sexual misconduct and make no mistake this girl is a victim. Both boys are perpetrators, all three children need to be in counseling and no one needs to be in jail or court with a case like this. Teaching them the right way to deal with sexual curiosity is the way to deal with this and if there was bad things done to the 6 year old boy in the past it will come out in counseling.

I believe that in handling these types of assaults in a more tender manner is the way to stop any sexual assaults in the future with all three of these children. I say for shame D.A. for letting it get out of hand.

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