Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nebraska Court Rooms = recess+ circus + zoo time

I went with my son to traffic court yesterday. What a mad house the Nebraska court rooms are!
The attorneys all mosey in and it becomes like recess, the Judge is on the bench but these clowns are all chatting. laughing and exchanging recipes while they line up to take their turn in front of the Judge. It is justice by numbers and I mean they push through mass amounts of people. Some of these lawyers meet their clients for the first time
right there in the court room, they introduce themselves plan their strategies and line up with in seconds of meeting for the first time. These yahoo's get paid big bucks to stand in front of the judge to say throw the book at them softly please. I was stunned and confused. How can this be justice in the United States? The D.A. and the defense Attorneys have a plan of attack already made up, they plea bargain their way through the system bargaining peoples lives away in the process. Their clients are a name on a paper a number in their check book and nothing more, just a trivial thing to pass their time on their way to somewhere better.

I was happy that the reason I was there did not require a lawyers help but if I did, I wonder if there would actually be any justice. In front me paraded one repeat offender after another, DUI, DUS, Drugs until it was baffling to my heart. Why did they not learn the first time. I am sure that the Judge and lawyers deal with so many that just use the court rooms as revolving doors that they just don't pay attention anymore.

Most of what they said seemed like I could stand up there and say the same thing. My client is very sorry and even though this is his 15th time driving with out a license he has finally learned his lesson Your Honor and I believe him. He has a great job and yadda yadda yadda. The Judge looking straight through the defendant
states in her monotone voice something I am sure she has said a thousand times before to countless other faces.
If you do it again I will send you to a Federal Prison, 90 days in jail 1000.00 fine and 3 years suspension.
What? Whoa, take the license away for 3 more years and this guy that drove under suspension 15 times already isn't going to drive again in 3 years? MWAHAHAHA, he promised to turn himself in after Christmas to do his 90 days, signed some papers and away he went. When my son and I walked out of the court house and was headed to the car, Guess who drove by us... yeah you know it. He drove himself to and from court hahahahah.