Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missing Someone

My mother past away when I was 23, I have missed her in many ways, many times since then.
I was way too young to have no mother in my life. I have adopted various people over the years as
a surrogate mom but it was never the same, her love and special way was never there. They did not love me
or my children in the way she did.

The holidays always make me a little lonely because she had the way to bring everyone in. Our table was rarely empty of guests when mom was in charge. I have always wanted to be like her but I sadly have missed the mark.

Last night as I drove home in the fog, I felt her with me, I was so afraid and so worried. It was a very hard and long drive home. My mom came and was with me in the car, encouraging me and comforting me. It was not the only time she has visited me over the years. And it has left me thinking about her today.

I told my son yesterday, to sit with her one more time, to eat all those things I refused to when she was here.
To have her touch my hair or lay my head on her lap once again. To touch her face and tell her I love her.Is my only wish, yet it is one I can't fulfill.

My word to you, is don't let time pass with out telling those you love how much you love them. Even if you are angry with them. This is the thing I have a hard time doing, because when I am angry I am not very loving.
We all leave and will leave people that will yearn for our touch and love, don't leave them with out saying I love you so much that they ever have to wonder if it is true.