Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do You Savemore with Savemore?

Okay the last two days I have been bombarded with emails about So I thought I should mention it here as well. The Better Business Bureau issued a warning about this company and one blogger talked about how hard it was to remove herself from their site, she was unable to close her account completely and suggested that you all take your credit card information out.

Okay, I am gonna tell you something about me, I worked in credit for over 20 years and part of that time in fraud. You have no clue who anyone else is on the internet. Remember when your mothers told you to not talk to strangers? SO why would you give total strangers access to your credit cards and bank accounts?

My rule of thumb when I buy from anyone on the internet, and I do, is if they don't offer a paypal option then I don't buy and sometimes I have had to pass up items I truly wanted to have. I have used paypal as my way to pay for over 13 years now and they have saved me from loosing money to unscrupulous sellers many times. I am not saying that I have not lost money using them, I have because a crook is a crook and they will find a way if they can.

So do yourself a favor, when you click on a site and they want all your information up front with out you seeing what they offer, click off, nothing they have is what you want in the long run.