Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coupon Corner An Editorial

Okay I was at the store yesterday and I had some get it free and BOGO coupons so I got the stuff and headed to the check out stand. To my dismay they were not really BOGO coupons even though they said they were the Nescafe BOGO was only 1.36 off a 4.00 purchase(so it was 6.something!). I had a bogo coke coupon..1.00 off 1.56 cent purchase COME ON! Friskies Free coupon 4.00 off 4.88 purchase... and it went on and on.
They know how much their products retail for they set the standard! This has been happening a lot to me lately and I have had enough of it. Isn't there a standard of practice where if they say it is free or buy one get one free that is what it has to be or is that little 1.36 in the fine print a life preserver for these fraudulent creatoids. Just because I named only three of the ones I had issues with doesn't mean they stand alone. NOPE they are all doing this, and it is up to the consumers to let them have it. If you don't tell them to stop or you will change brands they won't stop doing things like this. I respect a company that says hey this is a 4.00 off coupon for ya over hey here is a   free item coupon!( oh..up to 4.00). Hey Friskies, Nescafe, Coke and all you other giants out there, times are hard and this sneaky practice to get people to buy your crap has got to stop.