Friday, November 25, 2011

One Tired Turkey

So, how did it go yesterday?
I know this girl is one tired turkey and we had our mishaps.For the second year in a row I had the same Turkey Day trauma..The cook in bag erupted and I had lake Turkey Juice all over my kitchen floor only this year there was a new twist and it did the erupting in the oven the stream of juices caused smoke as it poured out of the bag over my rolls and on to the bottom of the oven. Now today I have a horrible black mess to clean up.

We had to open windows and put fans in them to suck out the foggy mess and I am glad the neighbors did not call 911.....
Welcome to America James! 

Over all we had a wonderful feast The juices pouring over my rolls added a unique twist and they were lovely
to look at and eat. Is this a new Thanksgiving Day tradition (Turkey dripping glossed rolls not the lake of turkey juice on my floor)?  We ate and cleaned up then everyone slept off the turkey, watched some movies snacked and then the kids had to go home :(. I want to live closer to my kids because I hate it when they leave. Today is the big Christmas decorating day and I am alone...

I think maybe I will pull the stove out and clean that , get the Mr to put up the lights and do the outside decorating. Maybe a couple of the smaller trees? And save the big one for when the kids come home next week. I can put it up and do the lights but save the ornaments for when they can help.

I need to get my Christmas music out and get my Ho, Ho, Ho going for sure.

Did you have any mishaps at your celebration yesterday and my other question anyone do any Black Friday Shopping? How did that go?