Friday, November 25, 2011

Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska legend and hero is falling on hard times as a player. with 9 personal fouls is it possible that our local Superman is doing it wrong or maybe he is someone they just want to go away. I stand behind Suh, he is a great player who has to step back and not let them push him out of the game. I took a look at the last foul and I see what they all saw but I also looked at others and  it is not all as it seems to me....

This is a push not a many other calls were unjust?

People are fickle they shout hero one minute and dirty player the next.
 I don't believe he is a dirty player.
He always played with honor, but he is in the NFL and they play differently.
He is paid big dollars to do what he does.
I am hoping that he gets it together, I don't want to see him lose his dream.