Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Little Green Men Behind My Toaster

I lost my joy I don't know where it went
I looked and looked but it went missing.
I thought I would find it here or there
oh my is was distressing.

I left it in the cookie jar
I put it there for safe keeping.
But when I went to take a peek,
my heart started leaping.

The jar was empty, how could this be?
Oh boy, this just won't do.
Don't laugh at me,don't you see?
What if this happened to you?

And then it hit me, I knew where it was.
My mother had been right.
Behind the toaster lived little men
that stole things in the night.

I knew they took my socks and rings
plus an assortment of other things.
But to take my joy just isn't right
To get it back I would have to fight.

How to get it back was my question now.
If I stole it ,they would only take it back.
Oh I have to get it, I just don't know how.
This is going to take some tact.

My mother said the men are green
How would she know if they are unseen?
Maybe if I could get some proof.
I could show you all the truth.

I put a camera in a box
and set it on the table.
I felt sneaky like a fox
and this is no fable.

That night they came out one by one
to search at their leisure.
When they were done
they went home along with more treasure.

So then I wrote them a little note
and told them what I had.
I set it out with a tote.
Do you think this will make them sad?

I told them to give it all back,
or I would have a show.
I know they must have felt like they were under attack.
But I do not you know.

The next morning it all was returned,
Every sock and ring.
Every thing they ever yearned,
even the odd shoe string.

There at the bottom,
of the pile of things
and this made me glad I caught em,
There it was all my joy, I suddenly started singing!

My spirit soared ,it did take flight,
I will never leave it alone again.
not for those green sprites.
It is too precious, it can never be mundane.

 I tell this all , so you can take care.
Joy can be lost and is hard to be re-found.
If you are not careful  you may be in despair.
Don't you see? What would life be, the other way around?
     ~Kim Davis