Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Full Weekend

I am a mom first and I make no excuses for it. I love my blog and you all mean everything to me but when it comes to my family and the blog they will always come first to me.

My daughter and her husband came home this weekend, my son in law purchased a car:
My husband and I had to go to Lincoln and Tow it home:
After the kids arrived we carved  pumpkins
Then we discovered that my daughter was sick
By the next morning she was viral...may be because my
son in law sleeps with the window open and the one he chose to open was by her head....

But she had to get up and go to work anyway...
life sucks when you have to work for a living.

Sunday my husband and son in law disconnected the hoses and wires and other assorted items
because they have to pull the engine and rebuild it. In fact the entire car is going to be overhauled by my
spectacularly talented and handsome husband. He is going to be aided by my
cheeky and fun son in law who wants to learn how to do it all.
I will keep you posted on the progress..
THEN.. my sickie daughter leaves her wallet with her drivers license here and their
cell phone doesn't pick up outside city limits. I can't call them to turn around and get it.
We head to Lincoln...AGAIN...
Blogging has to wait again...
While there we hit up HyVee Food Stores with the kids
they are starving students and HyVee had a great in store coupon
(In a previous coupon corner blog)
Campbell's Soup 39 cents
HyVee Veggies 29 cents
Butter 1.99
crackers .99 cents
Sausage.99 cents
Yeah we took them all through and bought some ourselves for them.
We are not rich people and we have to save when and where we can.
It breaks my heart to go and look in their cupboards and see there is no food in them
So I do what I can, when I can.
Back to the car...
Right now we have to do 3 things.
Clean my craft area out so James and Rick can work on the engine there this winter.
Find a affordable engine hoist.
and find an engine stand.
OYE such a life!

The motor as she is right now, waiting to be pulled out... where is the vroom vroom?

Oh and this car leaks gas, you can smell it all over the neighborhood. The Mr is trying to figure out how to drain it as I type.... YAAAY!