Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I avoided Black Friday like the black plague staying home and doing my Christmas decorations instead. But this Cyber Monday got me a little bit. I bought the Salt lamps at 25% off and Magic Jack Plus at 50% off now I am trying to get my Tropical Tradition frenzy going. I am trying to buy more of that wonderful coconut but they want to double charge me on the shipping whats up with that?.

Talking about whats up  my emails are blasting out the window today... ENOUGH I don't want to know what is on sale today I am out of money!

Are you ready for some free stuff? I have3 maybe 4 more giveaways ready to launch with in the next day or so. And a wonderful new product for review that I know will rock your socks off!

I have to run errands and when I get back I will go hunting for freebies... I need to get my freedar out and warmed up!

What about you? Sound off and let us know about your deals..did you get your shop on?

I got my Christmas shopping done in June this year and thank goodness for that. Rick went on medical leave and was out longer then he anticipated. Thanksgiving was almost bologna sandwiches and koolaid!

How close to being done are you?