Friday, October 14, 2011

Nielsen.Massey Vanillas ~Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Review and Giveaway

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From birth vanilla has always been a staple in my home, my mother was an extraordinary cook, she was a simple do it from scratch housewife that grew up in the midwest on a big working farm. however my first memories of Vanilla was when I was about 6 years old, when my baby brother  happily danced and sang on the dinning room table as he drank the entire bottle of extract , for some reason that image will live with me forever,also vanilla became magical and intriguing to me.

As a mom and housewife, I didn't give much thought to vanilla. I bought and used the same brands my mother did. I use it in everything, coffee, various dishes and even as a room scent. I found when I was going through chemo that a small bowl of vanilla extract with a bean scraped in it settled my queasy tummy.. everything made me sick back then, even someone taking a shower. So this magical bean was so welcome...

Then I discovered Neilsen Massey Vanillas and I read the history of the vanilla bean I was immediately hooked and intrigued. I love history and am always thrilled when I find out something new, especially when it is about something so familiar. I learned that Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is from the Bourbon Islands and that is how it get's it's name. I also discovered that even though the Aztecs were the first to discover the Vanilla Bean Madagascar is the largest producer of vanilla beans in the world!
When the bottle of Madagascar Bourbon  arrived I opened it and smelled it, the smell was the same yet slightly different from what I was used to. Then, I went and got the bottles I had in my cupboard and wow was there a huge difference in the smells and I now know which one I will NEVER buy again! 

 I wanted to try it in something I love that would show case it's flavor so I decided to make home made ice cream. I also wanted to try the do it yourself in the zip lock bag version to see how easy it really was to do.

What I used
2 Tbsp (3 packets) Splenda sugar substitute
1 c. Half & Half
6 tablespoons rock salt
1 pint sized plastic food bag ( you want the one's with the zippers)
1 gallon sized plastic food bag.( you want the one's with the zippers)
Ice Cubes

Here is how I did it:
 Fill the gallon sized bag half full of ice, add the rock salt zip it closed and set it aside.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Then I put the milk,                                                                                                                              vanilla and sweetener in the quart sized bag and zip it closed.
Then I placed the smaller bag into the larger bag with the ice and rock salt and zipped it up again
Then we shook it It got really cold, so we took turns
It took about 10 minutes of shaking the bags for it to freeze and form into the consistency I wanted.
Doing it this way would be really fun for kids, and you can cut the recipe in half so each child shakes their own treat. When I opened it up there was little bits of salt rock stuck to the bag so have something to wipe it off handy. Then I scooped it out and it was scoopable! 

This recipe made two servings, I added stewed apples for an added treat.
 Then we took our first taste The only way I can describe this experience is WOW! We savored every bite.The difference in the flavors of what I have always used and Neilsen Massey's Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. Is HUGE! There is defiantly a difference in the quality  and you can tell by it's scent and flavor.For the rest of the evening my husband and I relished and chatted about the smooth comforting flavor of this vanilla. Today, my husband asked if I can figure out something that we can use vanilla in with supper,my husband is a picky eater and saying that he is hooked is really saying a lot.

Nielsen.Massey Vanillas has a whole line of products and they have a few I want to get so I am going to have to get on some mail order lists because I have found the vanilla I will use for the rest of my life.

Nielsen.Massey Vanillas has kindly offered a bottle of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract for one of our readers.  Give us your name and email address and your ENTERED! Then do some or all of the optional entries, it's that easy!