Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm a Lost and Found Kim at Menards!

My husband and I went to Menards to get a new lock for our elderly neighbor Fern. I did not update you on her situation. She came to us two weeks ago in tears, her nephew had kicked in the back door. Then he and his mother got into a yelling match. She thought they were all gone, so Rick and I went over and called the police. But he was there,Fern's nephew was no stranger to the police, they know him well but they could not do anything this time. Not even a domestic violence charge, however the fact that she would call the police or allow me to, made them PACK UP AND LEAVE! It took them two weeks to go but they are gone! So we went to Menards to get a new lock set. While there, I spoke to an associate about our front door,we had purchased it at Menards a few years ago but it had cracked due to the  severe and constant weather changes here in Nebraska. 
I thought that it shouldn't do this but resigned myself to it. Rick and I were interested in options to fix it. While looking at doors a very kind and helpful young man showed us a few doors and gave us some information on a new insert for our door and then disappeared. Suddenly he reappeared announcing we have a life time warranty on the door! While we browsed in the lock department this associate called the manufacturer! WOW! Anyway my Mr. followed him in order to get the forms so we could submit a claim to replace the door. The young man even told us what to do in case we no longer had proof of purchase. I'll say it again...WOW! People just don't go out of their way to help like this anymore. Well, while Rick went to get the forms, I remained in the lock section, he would return for me... and I waited..and waited. Then a hot popcorn popper caught my eye I needed one,as the one I had died,... This should only take a second and Rick could hardly miss me I was just two rows down and could clearly be seen... or so I thought. I grabbed the popper and back to the locks went I.... no Rick. I waited for what seemed like a couple hours(more like 45 minutes I'm sure), I was tired and hot, I wanted to sit down. But I was afraid to leave the section and knew I was going to draw attention so I walked around and around the same isle up and down... no Rick. The last time I felt this abandoned I was 6 years old and at the Illinois State Fair..yep I got lost there too! I started to contemplate having him paged ...but dang I am 50 years old .... So finally I figured he would find me somehow and headed off to the sofa section. I was gonna sit and wait like a lost child. There was a guy, a little older then me already sitting there and I figured he had been parked there while the Mrs. did her thing. I would not be alone. Just as I went to sit down, my Mr. appears.. darn it... and then he had the NERVE to say WHERE WERE YOU? Sometimes they just have to be lucky we can't carry baseball bats with us...just sayin !

On a brighter note, while checking out something we bought was to have a rebate with it. At Menards when you check out all the items with rebates automatically print out a small receipt just for it so you can send in for the rebate. With this one, it did not print, I went to customer service, they verified the missing rebate and PRINTED the rebate check for me right then and there the 5.00 plus a little more to say sorry for the mix up! WOO HOO !Keep an eye on those things they really pay!