Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kids Corner

 Here is a great freebie for parents and educators alike
 Education.com is a site that offers worksheets for children from  preschool 
all the way through high school.
It is a program designed to grow with your children.

You can break the worksheets down by grade and subject.
What a great tool for homeschooling parents, teachers or parents looking for
fun tools to keep their children off the internet and television!
Find activities like:

Hysterical Hyperboles

Give your child hyperbole practice with this fun worksheet. She'll have a good time thinking up silly and creative hyperboles to finish off these funny sentences.

Toy Town Multiplication

Go to town with this multiplication worksheet, which features a ton of tumbling toys!

Write and Draw Sight Words: Under

Practice writing and spelling with this worksheet featuring the sight word "under." Kids trace this important sight word, then get practice writing it themselves as they fill in the blank.
All for FREE!