Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's up with Netflix Anyway?

Yesterday as I was reading through my daily barrage of emails I came across this on MSNBC.com
Netflix says it's sorry, then creates new uproar. 
Me being me and not being in the loop reads the story and to my astonishment Netflix has done an oops I did it again move. Over the last year Netflix managed to wrangle an 88% increase. The first one was so slight that most of us didn't even notice, but the second was 60% this had folks wondering if they wanted to stay with Netflix or not. I simply adjusted the amount of DVD's I could get sent home at one time bringing the cost down to the what I had already paid. I like the convenience of not going to hunt out movies. Most of the local rental places have gone under and all that is left have a limited stock so being able to have the movies sent here and also the on line streaming of movies to our Wii box is very convenient to me. But now Netflix is splintering off and the CEO/Founder is saying that the DVD end will eventually be phased out completely. The stream portion of the program is being called Quickster. Two companies, two bills.... oh bother! How is this all going to play out I have no clue.

To add insult to injury the CEO writes a left handed slap in the face apology. It sort of went like this sorry your mad but too bad so sad were gonna do this anyway. The only thing he is sorry about is the 8 billion dollars he lost since he made this announcement. You would think that an 8 BILLION dollar loss would make him say .hmmmm maybe I should re think this . Instead he says nope I am totally committed to this no matter what.

So now my choice is to double up or not. He increased his revenue by 88% to make way for this so that he won't lose that much money thinking that his customer base was going to bend over and take it and they are not. I am thinking it is time to get on a life raft and head for a new shore because this ship is sinking......

Got to talk to the kids, we pay their bill, so maybe we can all head to Amazon or Hulu.......