Monday, September 19, 2011

One of My Favorite Places to Get My Shop-On!

That's Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

Every day Crazy Dog showcases a T-shirt for $6.99. I love to go look because my husband LIVES in T-shirts. I have known him since 1975 and there have been only a few times in our life together where I can remember him actually being willing to not wear a t-shirt. The uniform of the day is always a t-shirt and jeans.

Finding fun and unique t-shirts has been my challenge because if it was up to him. there would be only one kind of t-shirt he would plain black.... I appreciate crazy dog so much for their variety and I have lots of fun looking at the newest offer. My latest purchases arrived today and I wanted to share it with you

(this shirt is actually dark blue).

 Crazy dog has a promotion going right now also, if you send in a picture of you in one of their t-shirts they will send you a mystery tee absolutely FREE! How cool is that?
Sock Monkey Costume          Crayola Screamin Green Crayon CostumeCrazy Dog is also running a Halloween promotion on costumes With the coder Trick you will get $5.00 off any costume order and with the word Treat they will take 10% off any costume order . Now that's what I call some pretty cool trick or treating!   
                                                  Ball Pit Costume
While I did not see any child sized costumes. I was actually pretty impressed with the wide variety prices and costumes that  has in stock.

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