Monday, September 19, 2011

One of My Favorite Places to Get My Shop-On!

One of my favorite places to shop and save money is If you are a shop-o-holic like I am but you also like to get your save-on then Froobi is one of the must see sites on line. I have purchased from them A LOT and have never been disappointed. The items I have bought have all been really good quality, a great bargan and usually something I can not buy locally.

Here is my on line shopping hint use PAYPAL to pay for all on line purchases. While Paypal doesn't guarantee every purchase you make, they do make purchasing on line more controlled and safer. If the site does not accept Paypal I pass it up and move on. Froobi accepts paypal!

Froobi offers one item a day at a reduced rate along with a special offer for a watch.

While I won't showcase every deal they have going I will point out offers that are particularly intriguing to me.After all I am not endorsing anyone in particular and this is only my opinion. Oh a couple more things abut Froobi, all purchases have a 5.00 s&h each. This means if you want 5 of that item it will be 25.00 s&h. So factor in the shipping when you think of the cost on some of these items. I have discovered that even though the sale price is fantastic, sometimes it is cheaper to run up to Walmart (if they have it)and pick it up due to that pesky 5.00 per thing. It is super frustrating to me to pay 5.00 per and have it all come in one package with a 5.00 postage stamp on it.... just sayin....The other thing is with Froobi, if you are a Swagbuck saver like myself you will appreciate the added Swagbuck incentive when you buy from Froobi. Every purchase comes with Swagbucks, it usually takes 3 to 5 days for them to appear but again I have purchased A LOT from Froobi and I have never had a single issue with getting my credits or my items.

Froobi's daily deal today is for a great YOGA mat:

Home Innovations Yoga Roll Mats

Home Innovations Yoga Roll Mats  Froobi says they are retailed at 34.99 but are reduced down to 12.79+ that S&H makes these mats 17.79 each.
I don't think you can buy them anywhere at that price. This is how I check...I google it, when I googled this offer I put in Home Innovations yoga mats, a bunch of bloggers popped up chatting about the same offer so I bypassed them and looked at the older stuff. I found a lot of these mats on various sites retailing for 45.00 and up so this is a great deal! Sometimes I do find items on Ebay , Amazon or other retailers a lot cheaper but not this one! I say this is a win, win ...remeber Christmas is just around the corner...hmmmmm

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