Monday, September 19, 2011


It's Purina's BIG GIVEAWAY!

How big can it be when it is over in a second...just saying ...

Purina dropped the ball on this giveaway. That captcha means you ain't gonna be a lucky winner! In less then a second all the promotional giveaway coupons were GONE and this is the second day in a row this has happened. COME ON PURINA!

Now I know that people do get these things. I did  but only twice and the first time I did, the captcha was messed up and it was about 20 minutes of trying but I got one. I felt that 20 minutes was a good amount of time to still be able to win.But to have it drained in seconds is ridiculous and that is all I am saying. I get really tired of the promo and hype only to have them trickle out a few coupons when they know they have hundreds of thousands trying to win them. In my opinion this is bad marketing.

I sent a note to Purina telling them how I felt and they called me! Did they give me a freebie or a coupon NOOO they explained that the captcha was to prevent bots from getting through and I told them they were preventing people from getting through also.

Bottom line.... Purina is only giving out 1000 coupons a day. Is it worth my time to try when there are thousands of people trying for each one of those coupons? NOOOOOOO. Wouldn't it be better for Purina to have put together 1000 prize packages to give out to bloggers for giveaways that way? I think so, personally I would rather put my chances in a rafflecopter blog giveaway then to sit waiting for nothing. It takes a few seconds and click the buttons and am on my way. Do I expect to win? No, but when I do it feels so much better then this.

And this is not a problem solely on Purina, all the major companies that try to do this get hit hard and in my opinion it is simply not worth the time and hype, either make the promotion worth it for all your customers and fan base or FORGET IT..  but for some reason they think 1000 happy customers a day is better then oh say the 100,000 unhappy one's that walk away...I'm just sayin....

Yeah, it's waaaaaahmoblance time get the paper towels because Kim is crying over spilled.... catfood?

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