Saturday, September 17, 2011

Musings of Music, My Children and Passing Time.

When I think about music my mind always drifts to my kids.Usually my son comes to mind first, how his life has changed since graduating from high school. Going into the Marine Corps, college  his love of music and his job. Then my daughter and her independent nature that sometimes frustrates me. Her love of life and art, how smart and beautiful she is.I always think of her and her new husband and the new path they have taken.  In my mothers heart and minds eye, I see my son dressed in his blue shorts and shorty shirt, it's how I always picture him. The outfit and the day embedded itself so completely that this is what appears in my mind, each and every time.It's the same with my daughter, she is sitting in a lovely dress with our cat smokey on her lap, soft ,sweet and forever young. I guess it is the time in my life that my heart yearns for. I miss my kids being little. My life has always been centered around my kids,our family life  and music which was always a big part of everything we did. A song can make me laugh , or cry. It can take me to a time or event in my life and in my heart I can relive it. Music is so very powerful. I raised both of my kids to love music, they both are pretty eclectic in their musical tastes. But my girl is a rocker, the rebel, the one that went out on her 18th birthday and got the most hideous tattoo known to motherdom. It did not matter how many dolls and tea sets I bought her or how many pretty dresses I put her in. Her DNA said no, I am going to march to my own drummer! Man,does she do a good job of it . But when I reflect and look through the pictures there is not a day I would not relive again, just to have them close to me. My children are my heart, they are my life they are my hero's.

Life passes so quickly, that if you are not careful. If you don't pay attention your children will soon be grown and gone. Way too quickly they will be off making their own adventures and memories that don't include you.
Sometimes I think that we struggled so much paying the bills and figuring it all out that we missed the glorious days of their youth. I don't know where the years went. I need to slow time down and make the rest of it last a lot longer.

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