Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foggy Misty Morning

Growing up in Los Angeles we rarely had foggy misty mornings. I would say never but my memory isn't always that sharp. I know when I lived in Long Beach we did because the ocean was so close. However, here in Nebraska as fall rolls into winter, we get a lot of foggy, dreary, misty mornings. I take them as a warning to STOP! Get up and get outside because soon the cold and snow will be here.I will be stuck inside for months. Another summer has come and gone, the Mr. is home today so I am going to do my blog thing fast and early so I can spend time with him.Maybe I will have a fun story to tell you tomorrow. Sometimes it's nice that the kids are grown and gone because now we can get back to us. It is fun finding things to do together again, dating at our age is more like putting on a comfy robe and slouching around. But I like my comfy robe a lot more then I do my high heel shoes!

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