Friday, September 16, 2011

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I found this tip On a Blog by Texas Penny. I am re posting it for us because.... these things are beyond my brain and I personally need all the extra help I can get. Thanks Texas Penny!
Posted: 16 Sep 2011 12:14 PM PDT
Walgreens Rules in a Nutshell: 

You may only do each deal once per transaction.
You cannot use the RR from one deal to pay for the same deal if you want to get another RR.
You may not use more manu Qs (including RRs) than the number of items in your transaction. 
A RR cannot pay tax and it's value will not be reduced.  
For a more in depth explanation of these rules, you can read my post "How to Roll With Walgreens"

We ended our scenario last week with no RRs because I hadn't intended on shopping this week.  But then the double Gain RR and the Crest Complete moneymaker were both discovered.  I'm sure most of you have a $3 RR from from one of those, so we'll start our scenario this week there. 

Transaction 1
1 Hyland's @ 4.99
use $3 RR from last week
pay: $1.99, get $5 RR

Transaction 2
Tom's of Maine @ 3.99
1 Blistex @ 2
1 Royal Gelatin @ .59
subtotal: $6.58
use $1/1 Tom's from 9/18 SS
use in ad Q for Royal (takes off $.39)
use $5 RR from T1
new total: $.19, get $2 RR and $2 RR

Transaction 3
1 Gain laundry powder @ 5 using the raincheck I encouraged you to get Friday (otherwise it will be $7.99)
2 Gain Dish Soap @ 3.38
2 royal gelatin @ 1.00
subtotal: $9.38
use $2/1 Gain powder from 9/11 SS
use (2) $.50/1 or a $1/2 gain dish from 8/14 RP
use in ad Q for dish soap (takes off $1.40)
use in ad Q for royal (takes off $.60)
use both $2 RRs from T2
new total: $.38, get $3 RR

Totals: $23.94 at sale prices for $2.57 OOP - a savings of 89%.  Start and end with $3 in RRs.

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 12:13 PM PDT
There is a national catalina through 9/24 (you can find it on couponnetwork) on Gain detergent.  If you buy 1 Gain detergent with any other 2 gain products you'll get a $3 catalina.  It's valid at Walgreens, so be sure to get a raincheck for this week's price of $5 for the laundry detergent if you find it out of stock (most of you haven't been able to find it after the double RR deal on it earlier this week).  The gain dish soaps are on sale next week for $.99 with in ad Q at Walgreens.

Here's what the deal looks like:

2 Gain Dish Liquid @ 3.38
1 Gain powdered Laundry Detergent @ 5 with the raincheck
use (2) $.50/1 or $1/2 gain dish from 8/14 RP
use $2/1 gain powder from 9/11 SS
use in ad Q for gain dish soap (takes off $1.40)
Pay: $3.98 and get back a $3 RR
Price after Qs and RR = $.98 for all

You could also buy the liquid gain and use the $1/1 gain from 8/14 RP.  Your price would be $1.98 for all.

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