Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I keep telling you all about and what I say is HOW DO THEY DO IT?

I keep getting one killer deal after another this company is quickly becoming my addiction!I have purchased many deals from them. The best deal so far has been my Brother Printer that cost me 145.98 after S&H They said it was a 599.99 printer and I said yeah , yeah, right... but I needed a good printer and Brother is a great brand,so I went for it. When it arrived I thought OMG ,WHAT'S THAT??? It was a HUGE box , I was so excited over this thing I struggled it up the stairs (not easy) and unpacked it (again,not easy) This printer is the mother of all printers! It will answer my phone for me if I want it to. It faxes it slices it dices it prints both sides of the page at the same time. It is office quality and is is valued at 600.00 and I got it signed sealed and delivered for 145.98 way less then the cheapest printer Walmart offers. THANK YOU 1saleaday!

My Buying TIPS: When buying off an internet site always:
USE PAYPAL TO PAY! ALSO check them out on Google if anyone has had issues with that company someone is going to write about it and it will appear there.

Here is today's deal..... 29.99(WOW)
                                       +4.99 s&h (WOOOOWWWW!)
We just bought one of these for my daughter and paid 220.00 for this exact printer at I kicking myself now!

HP Photosmart C4700 Series Wireless All in One Printer
w/ Built-In WiFi,Color LCD Screen & USB Connectivity!

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