Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fair Wind Sarong Ties, Perfect For Any Time Of The Year!

All photos on this review are credited to Fair Winds Sarongs

 I know it's winter but when you are talking about sarongs it is never too cold or too soon to discuss beautiful clothing. A sarong is a panel  of fabric wrapped and worn as clothing. They are often bright and vibrant with beautiful patterns. You can create a huge variety of clothing by using a sarong, from casual beach wear or pool cover ups to beautiful evening gowns it is possible to achieve true elegance with practice.  There are many ways to wrap and tie a sarong the easiest way it by using sarong ties. These ties are made from materials like coconut shell, bamboo and mother of pearl. A lot of them are hand painted and carved. They make the mystery and art of wrapping a sarong really easy. Fair Winds offers over 30 different sarong ties they are all very beautiful and each unique, priced from $3.95 to $6.95 they are very affordable also.  As an older woman I can see many other uses for these beautiful ties, My favorite are the mother of pearl. They look so elegant, truthfully mother of pearl has always been a favorite of mine anyway. I think they would make a lovely scarf tie as well as a Sarong tie. I know my daughter is going to love then when she see's them.  I am also wondering if they could be used with tie backs for curtains. I would love to get some for my living and guest room curtains. I can even see me using them to make napkin rings. I am starting to wonder if I could sneak in a few purchases before the Mr. got wise, do you think I could sneak them into my Christmas stocking and surprise myself Christmas morning? Besides these beautiful sarong ties, there are many beautiful dresses, hats, purses and pieces of jewelry on Fair Winds Sarongs. If your like me on a tight budget and looking for something truly personal this would be a great site to browse who knows how much of your Christmas shopping could be taken care of with just one stop!