Tuesday, November 13, 2012

taste test energy drink crap review

I got a six day challenge review for [insert company], one bottle of vitamin B12 energy supplement a day. I received two flavors, Tropical Fruit and Cherry. A lot of people today are looking for that little boost of energy to simply be able to get them through the day, and many companies are rising to meet the challenge. I appreciate [insert company] because they don't try to jack you up on caffeine or various other stimulants that leave you feeling anxious or jittery. They use an everyday vitamin that is key to the normal function of our brain and nervous system, and is involved in the metabolism of our body cells. This boosts our alertness and boosts energy levels without a harsh reaction. A slogan even printed on the individual bottles is how great [insert product] tastes, especially when compared to some of the bitter and unpleasant competition. I agree the Tropical Fruit flavor was surprisingly tasty and I drank up all three bottles pretty quick. I noticed an almost undetectable increase in my alertness and ability to function early in the morning. The Cherry flavor however I have no affection for, but that could just be my personal distaste for cherry flavored anything, so you might think differently.