Thursday, November 15, 2012

Renovating or revamping a kitchen?

Guest Post

Renovating or revamping a kitchen?

Keeping your kitchen environmentally friendly is every homemaker’s responsibility. We have a duty to the environment and future generations to keep our energy and water consumption to a minimum. At Kleenmaid Appliances, we take our environmental commitments with genuine concern and care, so we have build beautifully designed and energy efficient kitchen appliances for your home.

Kleenmaid Appliances stove tops use natural gas, one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly combustible fuels, releasing mostly just water vapor  Our designs ensure the burning is efficient with ample oxygen for a hot blue flame, providing the highest temperatures possible. Our patented Gas-Protekt, preventing any gas leaks or unneeded gas loss through the cook top use.

Dishwashers have gained infamy for their mammoth water use and power consumption. Not at Kleenmaid Appliances! Our dishwashers meet the highest power and safety regulations on the market. They are designed to conserve water usage, with filtration systems and Eco-settings that can use water efficiently. We also have overflow sensors that will cut the cycle if a blockage occurs, so no water is wasted if the dishwasher overflows.

Using both gas and electric models, our ovens feature pyrolytic coatings and hypothermic glass materials that fully insulate the oven from heat transfer onto the outside surfaces. Cool to the touch on the outside and hot on the inside, this is the type of thermal efficiency that comes from premier design and product development.

Our induction stove tops are excellent for woks where a lot of heat needs to enter the wok quickly and consistently. Our wok stove top features a deep curved groove that cradles the wok and allows full contact with the base, transferring heat quicker and with little energy loss. Better heat transfer means better energy efficiency, so having a full contact with the wok means more efficient cooking.