Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mr Chewy

 Mr. Chewy is an on line pet food and supply store that offers you the convenience of automatic monthly shipments, great prices and wonderful brands. It doesn't matter which brand you are looking for Mr. Chewy has it at really competitive prices. Today I am going to talk to you about Blue Buffalo Brand Wilderness Trail Treats. I am not sure how many of you have heard about the chicken jerky scare. I have talked about it before, many companies are importing dog treats from China, these treats are causing dogs to die across the US and Canada. My 90 year old neighbors dog fell to these treats.That's why I jumped at the chance to do this review for you. 

I will admit I am a Blue Buffalo fan, Blue Buffalo pet foods cost a little more however, this company really takes the extra effort to make sure that your pets are getting the very best quality. There are no grains and fillers in their foods. The ingredients of the chicken jerky is chicken, dried cane molasses and salt... that's it. My dogs LOVE IT and the cats attack the bag trying to get at the deliciousness inside.

Because there are so many recalls right now on a plethora of dog food brands I called Blue Buffalo asking them if they EVER had ANY recalls on their foods. I was told that a couple years ago they did have a voluntary recall only because the vitamin level was not perfect, it only affected a certain lot.
Another reason I love Blue Buffalo is because it is made in the USA. If you want to see more on the FDA recalls on pet foods it is quite shocking you can look here.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats