Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Christmas Wish List: Orgreenic Cookware

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I have wanted an Orgreenic pan from the first time I saw one, so you can imagine how excited I was when one arrived at my door! All I wanted to do was try it out instantly. But before I could do that I read the instructions and it is a good thing I did. Because just like a cast iron pan you have to season the Orgreenic pans. It's pretty easy to do though, you put some regular cooking oil in it put it on a medium flame and wait until the oil starts to smoke. Once you see smoke you instantly take it off the flame and let it cool, wipe off excess oil and your seasoned!

Since the Orgreenic pan is ceramic there are some things you must know before you use one of these pans.  You can never use it on high heat, while you should never fry in this pan using oil, you do need to swipe a little butter in it while warm then instantly wipe it off. The Orgreenic pan goes from the flame to the oven with no problem, however you need to let it cool before washing it. Like other non stick cookware you don't want to use metal to cook  in it . But one of the great thing s about this cookware is that it doesn't have any  PTFE & PFOA in it like other non stick pans do. I learned that the EPA has requested that all companies stop using PFOA by 2015. Ceramic is made up of minerals so it is all natural!

I love my orgreenic pan and was amazed at how easily my food really did slip off with out using pam or oil in it. It definatly is a more healthy option to cook food. I have some concerns about the care and the warranty which I am addressing with my contact. Otherwise I think this is a great deal. Plus you can get a whole set of orgreenic cookware at many fine retailers! To buy yours or for more information please visit

To make your Christmas Merry and Bright plus a little green Orgreenic is going to be giving one of you  your very own Orgreenic pan all you need to do is the easy mandatory entries, the rest are optional do one or do them all that's up to you. The more you do the better your chances of winning!
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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample so I could try it and let you know how I liked it. Even though this sample was free to me I would never say I liked something if I did not all opinions are my own. The blogs associated with this event are not responsible for delivery of this gift. Orgreenic will be shipping it directly to the winner.