Friday, November 2, 2012

My Christmas Wish List: IMUSA Lobster/Tamale Steam Pot

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For most families the holidays means family, celebration and lots of food.  Some families have lasagna, some lobster and sea foods, some have roast, turkey or ham. I was raised in East Los Angeles and most of my friends families had tamales, the women would get together and make dozens and dozens of tamales, pork, beef, chicken and sweet tamales. The smells that wafted out of their homes during these tamale making parties was decedent and when they gifted us children with one now and then we would take them and gobble them up like we hadn't eaten in years.  Tamales were always a treat and they still are. So when I was given an opportunity to do a review on a tamale pot I gleefully accepted. 

Making tamales is not hard but it takes a while,  I liked to make them in 2 parts. Part one I cook the meats and soak the corn husks. The second day I assemble and cook them.
Here is a very good video I found that is really easy to follow:
I don't use a recipe, making my tamales comes from my memories, just like my posole (pork & hominy soup) and enchiladas, they are ingrained in my memories from years of watching and helping my friends and family in their kitchens.  So this video is as close as I can come in telling you how to make them.

When I saw my tamale pot I was instantly in love, it is so big and nice, I am pretty excited about having it. We used to be able to buy lobsters in town but now we have to go to Omaha and Lincoln but I didn't have time to  go find them, also I have never steamed my own lobster so that will be a first for me.  I know that if you have an avid cook in your family then IMUSA is defiantly a company you want to visit.  As a seasonal favorite if you want to get your tamale on visit IMUSA TamaleSteamers to find the perfect steamer for you.  To find the closest location to you that sells IMUSA please click here.

IMUSA's steamer is available at several fine retailers, it sells for $25.96 at Walmart. To find the closest location to you that sells IMUSA please click here. . For more information about IMUSA and their complete catalog please visit: http://www.imusausa.comIMUSA is going to give one of my readers a steamer just like mine! To enter all you have to do is complete the easy entries. The rest are optional you can do just the mandatory entries if you want but the more entries you complete the better your chances of winning. Good Luck and Merry Christmas!
Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of this product so I could write my review. Even so I would never say I liked something if I did not, nor would I tell my readers about something if I felt it would be harmful to them. None of the blogs associated with this giveaway are responsible for the delivery of this gift. ToiletTree will be shipping it our directly to the winner.