Friday, November 2, 2012

My Christmas Wish List: Ace Cat Furniture Cat Tree Open To The U.S. Only

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Review and Giveaway Hosted by Kim of Bloggity Blog

I'm thrilled to be able to offer my review on this beautiful Ace Cat Furniture Cat Tree. We have 4 cats (I have 2 and when my children moved back home they each brought their cat). All the cats seem to like being up high or inside some sort of hidey hole, especially my daughters cat Xaynee. You can find her in the oddest places, like on top of my very delicate pottery. So when the Ace Cat Furniture cat tree arrived I started putting it together right away. As soon as I took it all out of the box the cats all gathered and started to investigate. They were a part of the construction and were anxious to see where I was going to put it. I ended up putting it right next to the window on our stair landing so they can look out the window when I open the curtain. And I know it was a wise choice they absolutely adore their new furniture! I had to guide the cats up to the top the first time, because they were unsure how it all worked. I could have left them alone and they would have eventually figured it all out, but this way was much more fun because I get to see them play on it now! To the right you can see Xaynee who is the queen of the tree at the top and Misty in the middle wondering how she was going to dethrone the queen! There has been only one cat not willing to climb the tree to the top and that is my cat, Paint. He is the biggest cat here and the biggest chicken when it comes to new things. I have not taught him how to climb it like I did the other three because he tends to pick on Xaynee so I decided to leave it as it is until my daughter moves out and takes her cat with her.
The tree was simple to put together. Most of the construction was just screwing the pieces together. There were a few screws that I had to put in but Ace Cat Furniture provided the hex screw drivers needed to install them. This tree has a  puff ball toy and a hanging mouse. My cats, especially Paint, loves to chew the strings off of hanging toys. I put straws over the elastic string the mouse is suspended by, I am hoping this extends the life of this toy and so far it has worked perfectly! I think I will use this tactic a lot in the future. The tree is of the highest quality, the faux fur is soft and comforting to the cats. Aesthetically this cat tree is appealing and a beautiful addition to my home. 

Ace Cat Furniture carries a wide variety of furniture and supplies for cats, including beds, litter cabinets, bunkers, tunnels, toys, steps and of course trees.There are a lot of trees to choose from in price and size to fit your home and budget! My tree retails for 139.95 and is on sale now for $119.99. 

I am ecstatic to say that Ace Cat Furniture is allowing me to give one of my readers a cat tree of their very own! If you feel lucky you can enter to win it right here!  This giveaway is open to United States residence only. You must be 18 to enter. All you need to do is the simple mandatory entries the rest are all optional. You can do just the mandatory entries or all of the entries (the more you do the better are your chances of winning!) that is up to you!
Disclaimer: I did receive a sample of this product so I could write my review. Even so I would never say I liked something if I did not, nor would I tell my readers about something if I felt it would be harmful to them. None of the blogs associated with this giveaway are responsible for the delivery of this gift. Bloggity Blog will be shipping it directly to the winner.