Friday, November 2, 2012

My Christmas Gift Wish List: Mohawk Rug

Christmas Gift Wish List Gift Guide
Review and Giveaway Hosted By Kim of Bloggity Blog

To me the ultimate in Christmas Wish Lists is having a beautiful floor. An easy and affordable way to add style and add to your decor is by using floor coverings. The perfect area rug can change a room from shabby to chic in just a few minutes. How do I know?

Take a look at my living room before my Mohawk Rug: 

Now take a look at the magical transformation:
Not too bad right? Would you believe all that is yard sale treasures with the exception of the beautiful rug? I was amazed at how elegant my living room looked with only that addition.

What's my opinion of my rug? I love it., it's luxurious and well made.I love the warm earth tones and how it ties everything together in my living room.The room itself feels warmer  once the the wood floor was covered. For under $150.00 it was like a room make over.

Mohawk rugs are made in the USA.
However rugs are not the only product Mohawk offers they provide a wide array of floor coverings including hardwood flooring, tile laminates stone and marble. You can find floor coverings that are super affordable and come in many fun, playful, tasteful patterns and styles. What's your style? No matter what you like, you can find the perfect accent for you or someone special that you want to surprise this Christmas. So you don't want an area rug? No problem Mohawk also offers welcome mats, outdoor rugs and bath mats!
It doesn't matter who is on your gift list Mohawk has the perfect answer for you! Do you know someone you would like to give an area rug to? Mohawk products are proudly sold across the country even the world. You can find them at stores like Home Depot, Bloomingdales, Lowes, Macy's and even Walmart. You can find the location closest to you by clicking here.
If you do then Mohawk has a Christmas surprise! Mohawk is going to giveaway a rug! The winner is going to be able to choose any Mohawk Home rug up to 5'x8' and under $150.00 from their site! How is that for a Merry Christmas surprise!

To enter all you need to do is complete the easy entries. The rest of the entries are optional you don't have to do them if you don't want to, but if you really want to  win this prize then the more you do the better are your chances of winning!

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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample rug from Mohawk so I could write my review. Even though I received the rug for free doesn't mean that anyone told me what to say. I would never say I liked something if I did not. All opinions are my own.