Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Win A NICOmate Disposable Electronic Cigarette! OPEN TO THE U.S. UK AND CANADA!

NICOmate Electronic Cigarette Review and Giveaway!
By Kim Davis of Bloggity Blog

My son is a smoker, he loves to smoke but he was a Marine and was deployed to Iraq twice. While there he was subjected to some pretty bad chemicals that the U.S.burned in pits. The toxic fumes emitted caused him to have allergies and a plethora of other issues, including his breathing. Smoking exasperates it. Still I could not get him to stop smoking, until I found electronic cigarettes.

Why did I pressure my son into trying an electronic cigarette? One; I am a cancer survivor; two, my mother died because she was a smoker; and three, if he is going to smoke this is a better way to do it. I love my son more then I love my own life. I want to see him grow old and have kids, I want to live to see them also. Electronic cigarettes have no smoke so in that aspect they are better, there are no ashes, no bad smells that waft around your room and the smoker has the pleasurable sensation of smoking because it looks like a cigarette, the end lights up, there is a puff of "smoke" that is really a mist that disappears instantly and the e-cigarette has enough nicotine to satiate the desire to smoke.

Each disposable cigarette equals 400 puffs and that is equivalent to 1 1/2 packs of regular cigarettes they come 4 to an order and break down to 4.16 per cigarette (pack.). One of the great things I like is that you don't have to carry an entire pack, you can drop it in your pocket and that's it. There are no chargers needed because it's already charged and once it is used up you toss it. Easy Peasy. However, if you want a refillable there is a starter kit that gives you everything you need to smoke and still be green.

My son would rather smoke a regular cigarette, and I am not going to tell you he doesn't. However he has stopped smoking them and has adjusted to electronic cigarettes. He has stopped smoking regular cigarettes totally.

If I did not believe in these cigarettes I would not offer them to you at all. I did try the NICOmate disposable cigarette, we chose menthol. It was smooth and minty to smoke and I instantly got that nicotine rush. It was pretty pleasant, no smokers cough or any of the unpleasant effects of smoking to my clothes or room.

I am not a medical professional so I can not tell you that these cigarettes are not going to impact your health or that they will not cause health risks. If you want that sort of advice please talk to your personal physician The only thing I can tell you is that my son has been much better since starting on the electronic cigarettes. Some people question the safe usage of electronic cigarettes while continuing to smoke a pack or more a day of regular cigarettes when they know they ARE really bad for them. To me the choice is hands down, as a mom I am telling you to switch, this is the time to do it.I have read that e-cigarettes are 99% better for you then regular cigarettes.

For more information or to place your order please check NICOmates web site here http://www.nicomate.com/electronic-cigarette. If you want to try NICOmate but are not sure you will like them, you can get the starter set on a trial basis, if you don't like it you pay the shipping back and that's it. You can check this offer here.

NICCOmate is going to give one of you a disposable cigarette to try. All you need to do is complete the easy entries, the rest are optional. You can do one or all of them that's up to you. The more you do the better your chances of winning. Good Luck!

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Disclaimer: I did receive a sample so I could tell you about this product. Even so I would not say I liked it if I didn't, all opinions are my own.