Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Original Green Pan Review

The Original GreenPan is celebrating 5 years! 
So what is a GreenPan? It is a ceramic enviormentally friendly ceramic coated (called Thermolon) set of cookware.  
I received a wok to review.
So what do you do with a wok? Anything you want to! I decided to make lo mein as it is a wok after all. I was a bit concerned because there are a lot of things I had to watch out for like not preheating, not dropping and not putting it in water until it was cool. I was pretty scared and wondering why I wanted to try this. My concerns were soon completely gone. In fact I have never used a pan that was so easy to use. I have a wok that I have owned since 1984 and used exactly one time. I burned the whole mess, boxed it up and moved it with me everywhere I went since then. It has been a daunting scary piece of kitchen equipment that I paid way too much for and for that reason can't get rid of. I am happy to report that it will be in my next yard sale unless one of the kids wants to take the beast on because I now have a mom friendly wok that stir fries like a dream! My lo mein was just as tasty as  the local take out place if not better! And when I was done the food slipped out of the pan on to the plate with no sticking or mess. I am sold completely!
There are no special utensils needed you can use any of your plastic or wood utensils with the GreenPan. No need for Pam because you won't need it with this pan in fact they tell you not to use it. What I used with my lo mein was a tad bit of regular vegetable oil and water. I seasoned it with garlic and ginger powders, and some low salt soy sauce. Once the meat/vegetables and noodles were ready I set the vegi mix aside in a bowl and then stir fried the noodles with the same seasonings and mixed in the vegetable meat mix, It was delicious!

You can try my lo mein out on your own with your own Original GreenPan! The Original GreenPan is available for purchase on Amazon and other select locations that you can find here: