Saturday, October 6, 2012

No Rinse Personal Care Products Review and Giveaway Open to the US only Ends

When I was ill with Leukemia and going through chemotherapy my immune system was so low I could not take a shower. The bacteria in the water was too risky, it could compromise me and cause an infection so bad that it could kill me. I didn't want to be stinky so I used a No Rinse body wash, I had no hair so I did not need shampoo at the time. When I started to work on Celebrate Your Abilities Giveaway Event with Parsimonious Pash we decided to focus on products that would help the handicapped, disabled and elderly. I knew this was a product I wanted to feature. It literally helped to save my life. My daughter had an emergency appendectomy last Saturday and used the No Rinse shampoo and body wash and loved it also.

The products they sent me was No Rinse Shampoo, No Rinse body wash, No Rinse bathing wipes, No Rinse shampoo cap, No Rinse body bath and No Rinse hand sanitizer. I was so focused on people with problems that I missed the possibilities of this product, so when my contact at No Rinse told me that this was a wonderful product to have while hiking or for our service members in Afghanistan it opened a whole new perspective for me. When my son who had been to Iraq twice saw them he said he would have loved to have any or all of them while there. Bathing is often not an option for our men and women when they are out on patrols. I sent tons of baby wipes and hand sanitizer but to have the ability to wash your hair or body with out the need for water is very impressive. I could see how the compact sizes of the bottles would work in a hikers backpack. Then it hit me that they would be perfect in an emergency kit. I would like to have several on hand so I could have enough for my entire family should disaster hit us and we need temporary provisions.

How I liked them, they worked great, I used the body bath and shampoo. They left me feeling clean and smelling fresh. I did notice my hair didn't feel quite the same but there wasn't any visible difference when I looked at myself in the mirror, Nothing is going to replace washing with water, however when you are in a situation where you can't get to a shower this product is perfect.

You can purchase your No Rinse products by visiting the No Rinse web site.

No Rinse is going to give one of my readers the same sample kit they sent me. To enter all you need to do is complete the easy entries.You don't have to complete any of the other optional entries. They are up to you to do  or not. Keep in mind that the more entries you do the better the chances to win this giveaway. 

Disclaimer: I did receive a sample pack so I could try it and write this review. Even though I did get the pack for free I would never say I liked something if I did not. All opinions are my own.