Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fijits, Yippit and Friends By Mattel

Fijit, Yippit and Friends Newibe by Mattel

I received a Fidgit Sarafina (RV $49.95) and a Yippit  (RV $39.99) To review, There are four Fijits
And four Yippits
We went and bought a Fijit Friend Newbie Mila (blue) and Libby's Aunt gave her Kenzie (Pink) (RV $14.99 each)

When Libby saw the Fijit and Yippits her eyes got big and her face lit up. We did not receive a Newbie so we went and got one for her. Libby loved the jokes and dancing the best, but she liked getting them to sing together also. We tried to get them to interact but we must not be doing it right because we never have gotten them to work properly. But that didn't stop Libby's fun, she loves all of the Fijit Friends, it would be okay with her if she had the rest of them under the Christmas tree.

The Fijit Friends have a soft rubbery body that makes them squeezably soft and fun to touch. The body also made it easy for Fijit to dance and sway. Fijit responds to voice commands and will dance or tell you a joke if you ask it to. They love to laugh and think they are Hyyysterical! The Yippit we received, Scooch, has the personality of a dog. I responds to a series of clapping. There are 5 separate responses which varies from begging, spinning in a circle and dancing. I didn't like the clapping and wished it had a different way to interact like Fijit. The clapping confused this little robot and frustrated Libby a little bit because she had a hard time getting it to do what she wanted. I found that by clapping hard and not too quickly made it easier to get the proper response. There are also two buttons on the Yippits forehead when Scooch performs the proper function you press one of them as a reward. This teaches Scooch the right responses to your claps.

The little Newbies were really fun, there are several ways to get them to interact. They have buttons on both front paws, on the top of their head and a button on their sides so when you squeeze them they activate.The Newbies do not respond to voice command and are easier for younger children to get them working. You can get them all to interact with each other, we did get two of the Newbies to sing together but never got the bigger ones to interact with any of the others. 

Personally I love the technology and how much computers have changed the way we interact and play. It is important to introduce children to computers and what they can do because it is such a huge part of your world now. Still I like toys that demand imagination and will never phase out the old fashioned toys that make kids get up and go out side. Libby would sit and play with The Fijit family from the moment she wakes up to when she goes to bed if she could. 

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Fijit Friends. I received product samples to facilitate my review