Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vampire Dog Review and Giveaway

Vampire Dog review and Giveaway
By Kim Bloggity Blog

Ace is the new kid in town, who isn't fitting in so well. Then his 96 year old grandfather dies leaving him a dog Fang. Fang happens to be 600 years old and a vampire that speaks english and loves red jelly. This movie is filled with fun and hijinx.  It's a fun little movie sure to make your kids giggle. 
To tell you the truth I was unsure I would like this movie because I thought it was geared for a much younger audience. However my family and I found ourselves laughing and really having a good time while watching as Fang switched things up for Ace, I would recommend it for your family, It's good clean happy fun!

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Disclaimer: Bloggity Blog  did receive a sample so I could facilitate these reviews, even so I would never say I liked anything if I did not. The participating bloggers are in no way responsible for delivery of any of the gifts associated with this giveaway.

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