Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Space Savers, Bakers Rack Review and Giveaway! US Only Ends 9/28

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Many Thanks to Ashley of Parsimonious Pash, Michelle of Powered By Mom and Pam of Mom Does Reviews for helping me every time I ask.

 My kitchen is super small, there's not even enough room in there for a table. The house was built in 1924 and most of the rooms are really small. Although the kitchen had been upgraded some time in the 1970's it is still pretty behind the times. Finally after almost 19 years in this home I have convinced my Mr. that we need a new fresh look, and for once he agreed! I am over the moon with my cabinets being stripped and my new counter top. Then I got a new sink, garbage disposal and an RO system...okay to tell you the truth I had the sink and garbage disposal for a while they were sitting in the basement for about 3 years on my Mr's honey do list that Honey didn't do! So when Spacesavers offered me a review and giveaway on The Chrome Baker's Rack with Cutting Board by Whitmor  the timing could not have been more perfect. I am still pinching myself to make sure it is real!
To the left is what the area looked like before the Baker's Rack was put in and to the right is what the space looks like now! I had to sort and toss a lot of my spices and we moved my coffee grinder but other then that everything else was just rearranged much nicer! What makes it even better is that I can have all the things I use every time I cook right where I am going to use them. I love my new Baker's Rack and I love Space Savers for letting me review it!

The rack  arrived in a great big box,I was afraid I was not going to be able to assemble it however, putting it together was a snap! All the parts and pieces were there and there is no hardware or tools required. Everything slipped together easily it wasn't hard to figure out and it's so sturdy! The Baker's Rack measures 14" long by 36 1/4 "wide and 55 1/4" high. It has 2 lower shelves and a wood cutting board top shelf. There is also added storage with the narrow shelf on top! I am delighted that there were S hooks so I could hang my colander and frying pans. I just need a few more of them!.

The neat thing about my bakers rack is that I could use it in the kitchen or I could use it in my pottery room. This would make an excellent drying rack for some of my pieces. I could also use the wooden shelf as a wedging board. With it being all chrome It would easily wipe up. The center shelf has a 200 lb capacity, that's a lot of clay.

The Chrome Baker's Rack is on sale for $56.99 and you can buy yours here: Space Savers is all about offering you the tools to organize your space the way you want it to be!

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