Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Farmer's Garden by Vlasic Product Review and Giveaway

Farmer's Garden Vlasic Pickles
Review by Kim of Bloggity Blog

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When I was in elementary school I was the household pickle fiend, I was known to act like Hellen Keller and snatch pickles right off my sisters plates. That's because my mom made the most perfect pickles ever, I could eat them all day and sometimes I did. My absolute favorite story of my pickle-napping memories was a day when I walked into the kitchen on the counter was a glorious peanut butter and pickle sandwich (Hey, don't say ewww! They are yummy!). My instant reaction was to holler "Oooooo a pickle!" and proceeded to steal every one of the slices off the sandwich, stuffing them in my mouth as I went. My sister was not as pleased as I was because it was her sandwich I had violated. From that day to this my sisters will sometimes say "Oooo a pickle" and laugh. 

When I saw Vlasic's Farmer's Garden Fresh Pickles it took me back to long and lazy summer days, munching Mom's pickles and doing absolutely nothing at all. I wanted to try them more than anything and was thrilled when I was told I could. Vlasic sent me four jars of hand packed pickles, Farmer's Garden Zesty Garlic Chips , Farmer's Garden Deli-Style Halves ,Farmer's Garden Bread and Butter Chips and Farmer's Garden Kosher Dill Halves.

They are even packaged in quart jars, very much like my mom used to make. They all have fresh from the garden red bell pepper, garlic cloves and carrot slices in with the pickles. There are no added flavors or coloring and I wanted to dig in as soon as they arrived but I have to eat my pickles cold so it was misery waiting for them to chill. These pickles were well worth the wait, they are spectacular and very much like Mom's. They have the perfect crunch and just enough of everything to make you not want to stop munching on them. I can't say I could pick one for as a favorite, I like them all, the slightly sweet and very chunky Bread and Butter chips, the not too spicy and also chunky Zesty Garlic Chips, the crisp and yummy Deli-Style or Kosher halves.These pickles are not those scrawny  wimpy pickles I have been seeing in the pickle isle lately they are big enough to satisfy the biggest pickle lover like me!. You can find Farmer's Garden Fresh Pickles at your local grocery store or you can check Vlasic's store locator, while on the site be sure to check out the whole line of Farmers Garden pickles, They have some neat recipes waiting for you also!

Besides checking out Vlasic Farmer's Garden web page, you can keep up to date with Vlasic on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Vlasic's allowing me to give one of my readers four coupons, each for a free jar of pickles so they can try them out also! So if you are feeling lucky you can enter to win yours  right here! This giveaway is open to United States  residence only. You must be 18 to enter. All you need to do is the simple mandatory entries the rest are all optional. You can do just the mandatory entries or all of the entries (the more you do the better are your chances of winning!) that is up to you!

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