Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eden's Trick Or Treat

 Eden is a superior shopping website for all your intimate needs, the discrete and secure site will not surprise you with vulgar pop-ups and infest your computer with unwelcome viruses or spyware.Unlike other websites for intimate apparel, you get to see real customer reviews and photos right there on the item page. There's never any second guessing about whether your paying for a quality product or if it's what you are really looking for, you can just double check the positive versus negative consumer opinion poll, or watch some blogger videos.

Every time I go into the Eden website, I find something new and interesting. When entering the website, try hitting the ''PLAY'' button instead of ''SHOP'' to unlock fascinating articles, new product alerts, interviews with some of the people and authors of a relevant field.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
With Halloween around the corner I know you are looking for that perfect costume, if you're like me you also like a little sexy in it! I love the cute umpire, Alice, the always classic nurse or french maid! Eden has the perfect selection for party or play on Halloween night! Right now Eden Fantasy is offering these very special discounts: 
EU15: save 15% on any order
EU20: save 20% on orders of $50 or more
EU25: save 25% on orders of $100 or more
EU30: save 30% on orders of $150 or more

Did you know that when you visit Eden and do things like rate a product, write a review or even make a wish list you could be collecting points that you could convert to Eden gift cards! That's money you can use on Eden to buy things off your wish list, it's true! There are some limitations like how many points you can collect in one day. Click here to find out more about EdenPoints and start saving today!

Disclaimer: Eden Fantasy did not give me any samples or gifts to review. They have offered incentives in the form of gift cards should I post positive reviews of their site, products and services. Even so all opinions, words and thoughts are my own. I will never say anything that I do not believe in exchange for any rewards.  
This link is to Eden Fantasys home page which does show adult items