Monday, September 10, 2012

Crown Seven Electronic Cigarette Review and Giveaway Open to US and Canada!

Crown Seven Electronic Cigarette 
Review By Kim Davis of Bloggity Blog

Cigarette smoke is horrible, it stains your teeth, turns your walls and the fabrics in your home a brownish yellow and is unhealthy for the smoker, second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking itself. I think the worst smell ever is a heavy smokers home, car and clothing, it is a stale, awful scent that they don't seem to notice and everyone else can't escape. Let's not even talk about the ashes that get everywhere and the butts strewn all over the place when you go out. It's because of all these negatives that I want to tell you our story as well as introduce you to Crown Seven Electronic Cigarettes.

 My biological mother died because she was a life long smoker that developed COPD/Ephysema when she quit smoking suddenly. Her body was so addicted to the chemicals in cigarettes that quitting brought on a heart attack and then the COPD/Ephysema. She suffered for years and at 64 years old she lost her battle, because of her my feelings to be a nonsmoker is much stronger.

When my son came home on leave after his first trip to Iraq he was a chain smoker. I could not get him to stop, he even dipped tobacco as a way to stay alert during his fire watches. He also smoked because cigarettes have a way of calming him, he smoked the strongest cigarettes he could find. He was relentless in his refusal to quit however, he did change to light cigarettes and to menthol periodically. Still he smoked and would not budge when I asked him to try and quit. Then my daughter married a young man from England, he was also a smoker and my daughter started smoking as well. I was beside myself that all my children were now smoking. When I learned about electronic cigarettes I talked them into trying them. After a month or two my son, daughter and son in law all quit smoking!

Then Brandon went to Kansas for two months and came home smoking heavily again, we were back to square one. He was smoking again to sooth his emotions regarding PTSD. Again I could not get him to budge. When he could not afford cigarettes he was irritable and hard to get along with. That's when I found Crown Seven. I wrote to them in hopes that they would allow me to review their electronic cigarettes. My son was adamant about not quitting again, he said that the electronic cigarettes he had tried before did not taste good, they smelled funny and did not give him any sort of satisfaction. 
Crown Seven is the leading company in the electronic cigarette industry and that's because they have done their homework. When I wrote to them the CEO, Ron McDonald responded and approved my review. I asked for menthol for my son and regular for the giveaway. The company was more then generous and said yes to all of my requests. When the package arrived I was stunned at how nice the kit is, the complete LXE kit retails for $99.99 and is on sale right now for $89.99. It includes a very nice black cigarette case (that holds one electronic cigarette (battery), two cartomizer cartridges and the USB charger). For the person that likes the cigarette pack look it also includes a cigarette carton (it also holds a cigarette (battery), two cartomizer cartridges and the USB charger). This kit includes: two electronic cigarettes (batteries), 3 individual and two~5 count refill packs of cartomizer cartridges, a black cigarette case, a cigarette pack, a USB charger, a car USB adapter and a wall plug USB adapter. It in fact has everything a person would need to make sure they will not be with out a charged electronic cigarette no matter where they are.

Is an electronic cigarette healthier then a regular cigarette? I don't know, the cartridges I received have nicotine in them. Everything I have read about them says that there is no real answer to whether they are or are not bad for you. In some states minors may purchase them. Still the smoker is not inhaling smoke, it is a mist that they inhale. It defiantly is a much better option for your home, cars and clothing. There are no ashes or butts, so it is a much cleaner method of smoking. A big plus is there is NO second hand smoke. Crown Seven demands that anyone entering their site be 18 years old. 

Brandon did switch to the Crown Seven electronic cigarettes, he says that unlike the other brands he tried, this one does give him the same satisfaction as smoking a regular cigarette. There is no odor associated with these cigarettes and he likes the flavor much better. The cigarette base charges through the USB on your computer and a single charge lasts quite a while. One cartridge is equivalent to 1 1/2 to 2 packs of regular cigarettes and a refill pack has 5 cartridges which retails for $19.95, that equals about 10 packs of regular cigarettes. Individual name brand packs here cost 5.55 so 10 packs would be $55.50 plus tax, cartons cost just a little less. So cost wise the electronic cigarettes are more cost effective. The Crown Seven electronic cigarettes were so easy to use I could figure out how to charge them without instructions.                                                     

You can purchase your kit through Crown Seven's web site, the kit I received is the best value they offer. It would be a wonderful Christmas present for that someone you want to have switch to a cleaner and better method of smoking. Crown Seven has given me one of their new Crown7 HYDRO Imperial Cigarette kits in white (they also come in black) to give away to one of my readers. This set contains one cigarette battery, two cartomizer cartridges and a USB charger ($37.77 RV).

This offer is open to US and Canadian Residence! YOU MUST BE 18 TO ENTER! To enter all you need to do is the simple mandatory entries. The rest are optional you can do just the mandatory entries or you can do one or all of the optional entries. The more you do, the better your chances to win.

Crown Seven has made their best deal even better! Bloggity Blog's readers can get 20% off their entire order AND free shipping! All you do is enter the code: BloggityBlog at checkout!
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Disclaimer: I did receive a free sample of this product to try so I could facilitate this review. However, I would never say I liked something if I did not, all opinions are my own. Neither Bloggity Blog or Parsimionius Pash are endorsing smoking, if you do not smoke it is better not to start. Nor are we saying that you can not have adverse medical problems if you switch to smoking electronic cigarettes. We are not medical professionals and if you want that sort of advise, you should speak to your personal physician.