Monday, August 13, 2012

The Little Things In Life

Sometimes things happen in life. You know things break, people bump into you and you have a bad day. Sometimes people are brought into your life and you don't know why. Some come for an instant and go and some stay forever. It's just the way God does it.

I have happy memories of my children growing up and pictures to help me remember them as they get on with their adult life. They bring people in and out of my life all the time. Some have made in indelible mark on my heart.

I can sadly say that I have not always acted in a manner that my Lord would want me to. For that I am always sorry. I sometimes forget, it is hard to remember the Golden Rule sometimes.

Today, I met a lady. Bumped into her, well she bumped into me, literally bumped into me. She made her turn too short at the gas pump and I knew she was going to hit me. My husband was oblivious as I waved frantically for her to stop. But she did not see me and BUMP! She jumped out of her car frantic,saying I have insurance I am so sorry I will pay for it! My husband and I went up to inspect the damage, her car had it far worse then ours. Her side was sunk in but ours only had the light lens cracked, a bit of trim looked rumpled and the right fender was a bit more squashed  plus, there was a black greasy smug on the front bumper. I looked in her car and saw 3 small children and the panic in the eyes of this woman. I knew she was like me a mom and most likely struggling. I told her not to worry, that we had already purchased a right fender so that was no big deal. The lens and the bit of trim would not be expensive, we would go to the junk yard and pick the parts. Not to worry, the price would be small. She again said that she had insurance and she would pay for the repairs. I told her that my husband could put the parts on. Then she said ~ I have been having such a bad day, and gave me her phone number asking me to tell her what she would owe, that she would pay it. The I am having such a bad day stayed with me.

We went to the junk yard and indeed found the parts along with some for our Toyota Camry. The price was dirt cheap for all we got. When we checked out, we could hardly pay even though it was cheap. Still, her I am having such a bad day stuck with me. I thought of all the bad days I have had and the strangers that helped me through them. I thought of all the people that also took advantage of me and raked me over the coals when I could ill afford it. I spoke with my husband and we agreed on what to do and I called her. I was sent to voice mail and I thought oh boy she gave me the wrong number. About an hour later she called back, I was surprised, she didn't have to you know. I didn't get anything but her licence plate and a phone number. When I told her that we got the parts for almost nothing and not to worry about a thing. She didn't have to pay, it sounded like she may have started to cry, but I'm not sure. It was at that moment I knew we did the right thing. An act of kindness, lasts forever, even when you can not remember the names that went with it. She touched my heart.

Then we headed home. I am not telling you this story to pat myself on the back. God rewards you for the things you do in his honor and name. We have been dealing with a man that sort of stole $900.00 from us. He sold my husband a car in December, a 1968 T-Bird that the Mr. bought for my Christmas present. But the man would not give us the car, nor would he give us the money. We have been going to talk to him for months to no avail. My husband dropped me off at home and went to go see him, I figured it would be the same as always, maybe next week. But my husband came in with $100.00 check and a promise for another this Friday. My husband has been off work for 4 months, his disability check has been $166.00 a week. You have no clue how much we needed that money. I believe in miracles, small ones like not sicking an insurance agent after a mom of 3, and an unrelenting heart paying what it owes. I am telling you this story because you never know how your actions will affect the other persons life and heart which in turn touches yours.
It is a lesson I sometimes forget.

I want to thank anyone that reads my stories and follows my blog even through these tough last few months where I have had to deal with family more then deal with my blog. I have watched daily as my numbers dropped and my heart sank. But I know God has a purpose for what I do. I just have to remember, the little things in life are what counts.