Thursday, August 30, 2012

Firmoo Free Glasses A Come On!

A few months ago I ran a review on an online prescription glasses company Just Eyewear I had a great experience and got a pair of sunglasses absolutely free (I did not do any additional add ons). I would gladly recommend them anytime.
So when a company contacted me a couple of days ago wanting me to do a review for them for the same type of offer I was excited and glad to do it. The company was Firmoo Global  Online Optical Store  .  I said yes and they asked me to do a short form. Tonight I received a rejection letter saying they were sorry I was not approved (after they asked me) but that I could still get a pair of glasses free as a first time customer.

 I went ahead and tried to order them. As I went through the process I came across some snags like in order to get the discount code to make the glasses free I HAD to like their Facebook page. Then I was given a time limit with a time clock in order to use the code. I had my prescription so this was not an issue and I proceeded with my order. When  it came time to put in my PD (I have 2 numbers) their system would not take them even though they allowed for 2 numbers. Then because I needed bifocals it was difficult figuring out what to do. Finally during the check out process, the code I received for liking their page would not take off the cost of the frames and only charge me for the bifocals and add ons, they wanted to charge me for the whole thing.  I tried to delete my account and they would not let me do that either.

 I would not use this company if I were you.