Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day (Guest Post)

Yum!! Now if it hadn't been for all this controversy over someone's opinion, to which they were entitled, I might still be Chick-Fil-A-less. Not anymore!  Best fast food I've ever eaten. I'll definitely be back. My stepson John has been telling me for several years how good they are (he loves their breakfast), but I'd never ventured out to one before. There are none anywhere near where we live, and we are pretty much smack in the middle between one all the way up in Lancaster, or one down in Elkton, Maryland. I opted for the drive down to Maryland this evening, since the media was pretty much deriding the push to show support for the company today.

The line for the drive-up encircled the building, went out the entrance, thru the Walmart parking lot and out onto the main road. People were parking in the Walmart lot and walking over to the restaurant because the restaurant parking lot was almost impossible to park at. The line for inside the restaurant spilled out the door, overflowing into the parking lot, and the inside of the restaurant was elbow to elbow. And everyone was calm, happy to be there, not bothered by the wait, with strangers talking to each other and having a good time. There was no political or personal opinion ranting, no accusatory conversations, nothing being said of a negative nature at all. The only reference people made as to why they were there, was to simply say they were there to show their support. Period. Whether it was support of the traditional marriage view, or support for First Amendment Rights was immaterial to everyone there. It didn't matter. Because everyone there was there in a show of solidarity (and to get something to eat in the bargain).

I don't think I've ever had such an enjoyable fast food run before.

And I think the slumbering giant has been awakened.


Bloggity Footnote:

Nation wide Chick-Fil-A felt the affects of today's appreciation day. Fans and opposition filled the streets to voice their opinion. It is wonderful to live in a country where you have the right to have an opinion no matter who says it is right or wrong.