Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To School With Jolly Time Popcorn !

When my kids were in school the first thing they did when they got home was head to the kitchen for a snack. My concerns were that they would eat something not good for them or it would ruin their supper. I have always had Jolly Time Popcorn on hand so my family can freely pop a bag when they want it. However, it wasn't until I was offered this review that I learned a little about popcorn and how good popcorn is for us!

For instance did you know that popcorn has been around since 80,000 BCE?  Actually fossilized cobs have been found in Peru dating back to 4,700 And on our first Thanksgiving, Native Americans brought bowls full to the very first feast! 

Before this I never thought of popcorn as being really nutritious but it is! It's actually good for us! Popcorn is considered a gluten free, whole grain which means it contains the entire grain kernel- bran, germ and endosperm.Studies show that whole grains may help reduce heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and some cancers. Plus it is a good sources of fiber. More great news is that air popped corn only has 30 calories per cup and three cups is one serving of our daily grain group requirement!

Kids love popcorn and even though it is filling and it satisfies them it won't ruin their supper. I love the mini packs (and Weight Watchers endorses Jolly Time Healthy pop!)  they are the perfect snack size, not too much to over do it and just enough to make me happy. Plus, they are pretty tasty too!  Jolly Time mini packs are the perfect back to school companion your kids can come home to. Pop one in the microwave and in a couple minutes they have a hot tasty snack. I also love the 100 calorie line, the kettle corn is out of this world with it's sweet and salty flavor, it tastes just like the popcorn I got at the fair last weekend! But my favorite is the butter flavor, it has the perfect amount of flavor and just enough salt there is no over doing it there. I have to say I was not too fond of the Ultimate Theater Style, it was too greasy and too salty for me. But then I have cut salt and oils out of my diet so it may just seem too much because I am not used to either anymore. 

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