Thursday, July 19, 2012

Say Hi! to the newest family member!

       Our newest family member (and my latest adopted offspring) is the one pet that I've been waiting a long time for, I recently adopted a bearded dragon named Nebechadnezzar (Neb-Ah-Kan-Eez-Zer), He's about one year old and the poor baby has muscle atrophy, a disability received from a previous owner caused by calcium deficincy. When I first got 'Nezzer, he could barely move, and was a bland slate grey color (almost white). I've had him for about two weeks now and have been giving him daily therapy treatments that include one CC of liquid calium orally injected, and a hydrotherapy bath to make him exercise. After only two weeks of daily TLC, his strength has improved dramatically. Before he could barely lift his head up, the other day I took him outside and he got so excited he headbobbed (a bearded dragon way of saying "I'm excited") for what was probably the first time in his life.
      It has also been discovered that he is an orange morph, a slow coloration of vivid day-glo orange has been spreading across his eyes, ears and "beard". I'm pretty stoked about that. I would love to see 'Nezzer turn into a full-body orange someday. Also hiw toes are turning yellow.
     I take him every where with me, he is so sweet and will just hang out on my shoulder all day. I took him yard sale shopping with me the other day and received some exclaimations of surprise. I love how Nebechadnezzar will watch movies with me too, and he is also an excellent judge of a good driver. Depending on how muh he wiggles when someone is driving, hahaha.

Rea :)