Friday, June 8, 2012

Medical Coverage, Collection Calls Before The Debt Is Due...

Recently my husband has had to have a series of medical procedures. There was a time when having medical insurance meant you were golden when you went to a doctors office. It was almost a red carpet experience for any thing you needed done. Since Obama care, that is no longer true. I am not slamming Obama , I am slamming the medical coverage and the many changes I am seeing. Our 15.00 co pay is now 25.00 and the once red carpet treatment is now a narrow hallway through the entrance in the back. I actually received a collection call on a bill that is not due yet because the procedure has not taken place. They actually want full payment 3 days before surgery. If not paid, no surgery... the calls (2 of them) demanded to know how I was going to pay and where I was going to get the money from. They pushed for credit cards , names of where we will get a loan and other sources of funding from me. This is with insurance and over 107.50 that we are responsible for.

The bottom line is not the patients health anymore it is totally the money. Many times we have had to skip going to the doctor and getting the attention we need because of the rising cost of health care and we have insurance. I have not been able to have my medical screening for my cancer in over 2 years.

The medical field needs to hang their head in shame for what they are doing to people.