Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HiFeather Kisspat Feather Review

Guest Post      
KissPat feather was first born in early 2010 when founder Hana L started selling some handmade feather jewelry with her friends in Hongkong. Then they quickly saw the greater potential of these beautiful feather products and began to expand their product line and market. With a lot of hard work, an international feather product production and distribution company began.
KissPat feather company has an unique and diverse feather product line. From hair feather extensions, feather earrings,feather headpiece, feather necklace, peacock feather jewelry and many other feather jewelry making supplies. We only purchase feather raw materials from ethical sources and never encourage mass production on feather accessories and crafts. All the beautiful feather jewelry are 100% handmade with love and care.
Our design team release new items every week so you are always on the feather fashion edge. For every member of KissPat feather family, it is not only a business, but a beautiful dream and experience.
Here at Kisspat feather, we are not only committed to producing the highest quality feather products, but also encourage customers to make their own style feather accessories and have fun. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our valued customers-from cruising on our online store, to connecting us on facebook,blogs,youtube and most of our community. Our business spreads happiness and joy to all our KissPat feather friends. Many experienced Mommy joined our handmade feather craft team.