Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby Sling Why I Think They Are A Must Have!

 I am so happy to tell you about a new site I found it specializes in carriers for your baby. has popular brand name wraps and carriers. You can find different styles for front, hip, or back carriers. There is any style to fit any lifestyle or fit. I even saw a sling for water play! They are a perfect item for newborn baby care!

Twenty-eight years ago when my firstborn was just a newborn, I discovered I did not have enough hands to perform all the tasks I needed to all the time. My son was a quiet baby but still, when I was out and about we did not have the handy carriers for the shopping carts and I rode the bus a lot, strollers were not convenient to haul on and off the bus. So when I discovered my first sling it was love at first sight. I could have my baby close enough to keep him happy and snugly and still have my hands free to do the things I needed to do. Plus, I loved having my babies close to me, it made them and me feel secure and safe knowing I was able to protect them and I knew right where they were all the time when we were out. My second child was a bit fussier and having her close to me comforted her and helped her rest. I would gladly recommend anyone with a newborn or toddler to invest in such a time saving loving tool like these slings.