Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why You Should Go for Premium Digital TV

Nowadays, the term digital TV is commonplace among the media. Technically speaking, however, all TV nowadays are digital TV. If it is able to receive TV programs, then it is a digital TV as all TV programs in the USA today are broadcasted through digital signals, which non-digital TV's cannot play. However, the sense in which mass media uses the Digital TV nowadays pertains to premium digital TV subscription. In a sense, this has some truth in it as the real benefits of digital TV only become possible through such subscriptions. Here is a list of the advantages of premium digital TV subscription and why you should go for it.

Access to HD Channels
One of the greatest advantages of premium HD subscriptions is the access to HD channels. Some digital channels broadcasted on the basic connection have very clear pictures; however, these are just standard digital channels with better resolution. Full HD resolution of 1080p will have very noticeable difference when it comes to the picture quality and the movements and you will know that it is HD just by the first look of it. This difference is even more evident on larger TV's with sizes above 42 inches. HD TV access alone is already worth your money.

More channels
Of course, aside from the quality of HD channels, you will also be getting more in terms of quantity. With digital TV subscription, you can get up to 150 up to more than 400 channels. All the channels that are worth watching such as History Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic, HBO HD, ESPN Live, Discovery Channel, and other specialty channels are only accessed through premium subscriptions.

Playback ability
With the more sophisticated DVR's nowadays, you can reverse the programs and watch scenes that you have somehow missed or misheard. I'm sure you have had this urge before. Now, it's already possible through digital programming and high-tech DVR's.

Smart Management
One of the most advance functions of the premium digital TV is that you can have access  to the show schedules and keep track of your favourite shows' time slot. And in the unfortunate circumstance that you are about to miss your shows due to hectic and demanding schedule, you can program the DVR to record the show. You will never have to miss your favourite shows again.

Parental Control
One of our primary concerns as parents are the possible harmful contents that TV programming can show when we're not around or when our children are in their own rooms. With the premium digital TV subscriptions, you are able to manage all of your TV’s at home and place filters on what your children can or cannot watch.

Smart Phone Compatibility
One of the stronger features of the modern digital TV subscriptions is the smart phone compatibility. This feature comes in two handy ways. First, you will be able to check on how your DVR is programmed even if you are away from home. Thus, you can manage your TV system and programming wherever you are. Second, you will also be able to watch premium channels that are in your subscriptions such as ESPN Live (as long as there is a compatible application for it).

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