Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Review!

Wholesale Halloween Costumes
Bring out the mystic or the mischievous.
Have you ever wanted that perfect costume, but time, money and location was a major issue? It has been for me since moving to Nebraska. No mater what I do, everything is 2 hours away. So when I saw the site Wholesale Halloween Costumes I was delighted they offer costumes for everyone in the family including plus sizes and they have great prices. If the regular price is still too high they even have a clearance section where some of the prices are ridiculously low.What I liked the most about this site was I could truly get anything I wanted and they offered items that were really nice. They even offer really high end costumes so this is a site that caters to anyone at any social level. And because of such a huge variety you can truly be as classy, fun, cute, sultry or mischievous as you want.
Because I was looking for something for my daughter I wanted to look in the women's section where I found a ton of women’s costumes at wholesale prices. We had a terrible time picking what to get because we liked so many of them.Plus they offer all the extras so you can complete your look with out the fuss of having to go looking for it. With my busy schedule that was a huge plus!
Our budget was $35.00 and wow was I surprised at how many they had that fell into that price range and lower. My daughter decided to get the Womens Mystic Seductress Costume Item #CC00946.
My daughter is not a big girl but because we had never ordered from this company before instead of ordering a medium she chose large and it was a good thing because it fit her perfectly. When she put it on she felt special, sultry and sexy yet this costume is one she can wear to work this Halloween.

I loved the easy of ordering from this company the variety and the prices. I did not expect much when the costume arrived I was very happy with the quality and attention to detail. I do recommend Wholesale Halloween Costumes for all your families costume needs. In comparison with other costumes I have purchased at local chain stores this one for the same price is in quality a much better investment. I know that this will last a while and not have to be tossed out after one wearing.

Disclaimer: I did receive a costume from this company to review however, receiving it for free did not alter my opinion of this company or its merchandise in any way. I would never say I liked something if I did not. All opinions are my own.